Can the electric meter box and the fire hydrant box be a neighbor?

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Although "close neighbors are better than distant relatives, people around are better than close neighbors ", but it is not the case for the electric meter box and the fire hydrant box. But why do you say that?

The electric meter box is a power supply metering device, which is needed in every household. Fire hydrant box is placed fire tools, divided into two types of indoor and outdoor, in public places, office building, workshop, school, hospital everywhere; fire hydrant should be placed in the corridor or hall of public space, not setting up obstacles in its front, to avoid the effects of opening the door of the fire hydrant.

Outdoor hydrant is a water supply facility set up outside the building for fire-fighting water supply network, mainly for the fire truck from the municipal water supply network or outdoor fire water supply network to carry out fire suppression, or directly connect the water hose and water gun to extinguish the fire.

With the advent of winter and the drop in temperature, people have more opportunities to use large functional electrical appliances and more fire accidents. The electric meter box has a lot of fire because of various reasons. The installation of the electric meter box is the beginning of the user's electricity. The source of the fire accident is caused by the improper use of electricity, and the fire hydrant is the end of the fire. Is that the electric meter box and the fire hydrant installed near the point?

The safety distance between the electric meter box and the fire hydrant is not specified, but the fire law stipulates that water and power shall be strictly installed in the same location. Because the water leakage is caused by the leakage of the water source, and the power leakage is far away from the 5M range, the meter box and the fire hydrant box cannot be neighbors.